Why the News from Hollywood Always Wears a Tan



  • Give Me a Little More Jack Lemmon
  • Good Together: Jack Nicholson and James L. Brooks
  • The Studio Hereinafter Referred to as the Author
  • The Face of Grace Zabriskie
  • For Woody Allen, Funny Is Not First Choice
  • Why the News from Hollywood Always Wears a Tan
  • Robin Leach: Up from the Bottom of the Hill at Harrow
  • Hollywood and Columbine
  • Richard Gere’s Light and Shadow
  • On Two Coasts with Judy Davis
  • Heroes, History and 9/11
  • Throwing the Book at Steve Kloves
  • Spielberg and the Gang of Five
  • Rupert Everett: Born to Be Wilde
  • Late Night Through the Looking Glass
  • Altman and Shepard Share a Mutual Abstraction


  • Des McAnuff Rewires the Rock Musical
  • The Subject Was God and Martin Sheen
  • Anna Deavere Smith’s Nonfiction Theatre
  • The Undiscovered Country of David Williamson
  • Athol Fugard at the End of Apartheid
  • Up Against the Wall, Multiculturally
  • The Art of Being Spalding Gray
  • Louis Valdez: More Than Mexican Food
  • The Redemption of Preston Jones
  • Tea and Candor with John Osborne
  • Neil Simon Remembers Saturday Night Live


  • Dave Alvin Is Driving the Bus
  • Nanci Griffith’s Lone Star State of Mind
  • Boz Scaggs Got Off That Train
  • Willie Nelson Tells It Like It Was
  • ZZ!
  • Rosie Flores Wants to Make You Cry
  • John Phillips: California Dreamin’ No More


  • John Madden, the New Coach at Fox
  • In Enshrinement We Trust
  • Escaping the ESPN Zone at Occidental
  • Harry Shearer, Man for All Media
  • Dallas in Republican Prime Time
  • Ted Koppel: Big Hair and a Long Face
  • The Unholy Confessions of Paul Krassner

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